Students of the Week

(Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)


October 6, 2017

Our third featured Ambassador of the week is Christopher W. Clark. 

Christopher is a second-year student in the BDIC program with a concentration in Environmental Science and International Environmental Policy. He has a strong interest in policy and foreign language, which is why he created his own major.

“Growing up, I began to hear phrases such as "Global Warming" and "Climate Change", concepts I eventually learned were threatening the very place I lived”... 

Chris lived in the Pioneer Valley his entire life thus he always had close contact with the outdoors. This helped foster his ever-growing fascination and appreciation for the intricate ecosystem in which we live. He chose Environmental Science as an avenue for learning more about nature. He believes that gaining a better understanding of how the environment works allows us to develop and impose government regulations and recommend lifestyle choices that protect the Earth and, by extension, ourselves. As a participant in the STEM AP Summer program, Chris worked in a lab under Dr. Alicia Timme-Laragy, aiming to better understand how oxidative stress caused by environmental pollutants such as PCBs, metals and pesticides affects embryonic development. The lab also works to identify the later-life consequences of embryonic exposure by tracking gene expression of different fluorescent glow proteins. Being part of this lab has sparked his interest in the effect of the environment on the individual, which led him to explore different courses out of his major, such as public health. “My favorite part of the STEM AP experience so far is meeting like-minded individuals who share an appreciation of STEM but all come from different backgrounds. “In the future, Christopher hopes to continue to develop a more focused area of study within the extensive interdisciplinary study of environmental science. In addition to being a member of STEM AP, he is the Chief of Staff of the Student Government Association. Keep doing what you are doing, Christopher. We hope to read about your successes in the future!


Congratulations Chris!

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