Mentoring Opportunities

Graduate Student Mentoring


STEM AP actively recruits and trains graduate students to mentor STEM undergraduates in research teams or research labs. Using the Entering Mentoring Curriculum, graduate mentors are trained by STEM AP faculty and staff to provide inclusive, reflective mentoring that values the undergraduates individual identities.

Devoting 10 - 12 hours per semester, STEM graduate students mentor small groups of undergraduates (at UMass and/or local community colleges) to acquire research, academic and social skills as STEM majors.

Near-Peer Mentoring

STEM AP's undergraduate students engage in biweekly near-peer mentoring sessions during Monday evening seminars.  First-year students are near-peer mentored by fourth-year students, and second-year students are mentored by third-year students.

Having passed through many of the very challenges their mentees are now facing, upper class Ambassadors are happy to provide academic guidance and social support for their first and second-year peers.

Middle School Mentoring


STEM AP provides opportunities for Ambassadors to mentor middle schoolers. This is a significant component in the process of the STEM Ambassadors' science identity development.  In order to communicate science to middle school students, Ambassadors must break down technical STEM content for accessibility to younger developing science minds. This process of disseminating and communicating technical information to their younger audiences supports the STEM Ambassadors' own learning of the science.

Middle school mentoring is a mandatory program for Ambassadors by their third year in STEM AP. Students enrolled in STEM AP's Middle School Program meet from 2:30 to 5:30 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays weekly. Some middle school mentoring sessions take place on the UMass campus; other sessions are conducted at the local K-12 schools.

STEM Ambassadors Program