Students of the Week

(Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)


November 3, 2017

Our seventh featured Ambassador of the week is Coralys Galindez. 

Coralys is a second-year Microbiology student. She has always been interested in furthering her understanding of the microorganisms that make up the entirety of the world we live in and their diverse roles in it; “I have always visualized myself finding out new things about these topics and developing new research to keep further understanding them”. Coralys’s mother, being a microbiologist herself, has always inspired her to think like a scientist, to always search for answers, and to never give up when things seem hard.

Coralys became a member of STEM AP her freshman year of college. She felt it was a great way to submerge herself into a strong science community by meeting people that share similar interests as hers. The freshman summer research program was her favorite part in her STEM AP journey thus far; “I formed great friendships that I value with very interesting people”. She also formed connections with faculty, and found a mentor that she trusts to advise her and guide her in the right direction. 

Over the summer, Coralys worked with one of our own, Ally Hunter, in developing a case study to create a more inclusive way of teaching in microbiology introductory classes. The case study focuses on teaching students basic lab techniques such as cell morphology, cell cultures, disc assays, etc., while applying them to a real life event. At the moment, Coralys is presenting her research in Phoenix, Arizona in the ABRCMS Conference; “This gave me the opportunity to share my research and practice my communications skills in the science world”. She is also getting the chance to network and meet a lot of like-minded individuals.

Coralys desires to continue doing research in the future as she hopes to keep exploring her different areas of interest. She is also considering going to graduate school and obtaining a Master’s degree or PhD.

Aside from her science-related interests, Coralys loves to spend time with her friends, she also loves to dance, travel and read. And for those who still want to know a little bit more about our Ambassador of the week, she was delightful enough to share with us a few fun facts about herself; “I have a twin sister that looks nothing like me, I can’t eat spicy food, I love Stranger Things, and my favorite place in the world is the beach”. 

We hope you are having a great time in Arizona, and we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.


Congratulations Coralys!

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