Students of the Week

(Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

Erik Rizzo

November 19, 2018

Our eighth ambassador of the week for the fall of 2018 is Erik Rizzo.


Erik is a Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Microbiology double major in his fourth and last year of undergraduate school. “I started as a biochemistry major because I knew I had a passion to learn about how life works at the molecular level; at the end of my sophomore year, I also grew interest in the study of bacteria and other microorganisms, and how topics I learned in biochemistry could apply to topics in microbiology, and vice versa”.


Currently, Erik is part of the Farkas Lab in the Chemistry department. His lab uses chemical biology, neuroscience, and cellular biology to understand and treat cancer, while Erik’s focus is narrowed to studying immunological characteristics of macrophages.


“I joined STEM AP when I first arrived at UMass. I knew that this program was going to help me acclimate to UMass, support my endeavors in STEM, and allow me to meet new people. Truthfully, everything about STEM AP is great. However, getting up and doing interactive activities (which may or may not be related to STEM) I think is the best”. When it comes to STEM AP, Eric has been a dedicated, punctual, reliable, and all in all commendable ambassador that we are proud and honored to have in our program. Moreover, his mentees admire his friendly and approachable personality and speak very highly of his leadership qualities.


In the future, Erik plans to work in the industry and attend graduate school to further his education. But for now, he is an executive board member of National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) and a front end supervisor at Ocean State Job Lot.


We wish Erik nothing but success and happiness in all his future endeavors!



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