As a UMass undergraduate student, am I eligible to be a member of STEM AP?

Any undergraduate student majoring in a STEM discipline is eligible to apply for membership in STEM AP. We particularly encourage first generation students, students of color and students who are Pell Grant eligible to apply. Please contact STEM AP staff for directions to our online application process.

How do undergraduate students apply to become STEM ambassadors?

Matriculating first-year STEM students are invited to apply for STEM AP membership during the summer before their first semester at UMass. If you are already enrolled at UMass, the application process begins with an interview with our program director. The online application opens two weeks prior to the date that registration begins for the following semester, and closes on the last day of the semester. This time period gives students a window of about six weeks to complete the application process. You may request an interview by emailing us at stemambassadors@umass.edu or calling us at 413-577-1306.

How can graduate students get involved to serve as STEM AP mentors?

STEM graduate students are the backbone of STEM AP. As a graduate mentor, you are asked to devote 10 – 12 hours per semester in one or more STEM engagement or skills building activities with our undergraduate STEM Ambassadors. There are a variety of ways for graduate students to get involved with the program:

  1. Mentor small groups of undergraduates (at UMass and/or a local community college) to help them acquire research, academic and social skills geared toward STEM retention
  2. Support STEM undergraduates in mentored research laboratory experience
  3. Design and present 45-minute workshops in areas of STEM research interest, expertise and/or STEM study skills development
  4. Develop hands-on modules for middle school students to promote STEM interest and engagement
  5. Develop a professional mentoring philosophy to facilitate evidence-based mentoring seminars for graduate mentors.

STEM AP’s is currently recruiting for graduate student mentors. If you are a graduate student with availability on Monday evenings 6:30 to 7:30 PM, and have interest in participating in our Entering Mentoring training and our graduate mentoring program, please email your letter of interest and CV/resume to our assistant director, Dr. Sonji Johnson-Anderson, at johnsona@umass.edu with “STEM AP Graduate Mentor” in the subject line.

What is the role of STEM faculty/PIs and how do they sign on to host STEM Ambassadors for research experiences?

STEM faculty are invited to host STEM AP second-year students for laboratory research experience and summer REUs. It is an opportunity that affords the PIs the benefit of interacting and gaining new, rich, creative, and diverse perspectives from future scholars.

If you are a PI and already mentoring an undergraduate student, particularly a STEM Ambassadors undergrad, the STEM AP leadership thanks you for your continued support. If you have never mentored an undergraduate student before, you are missing out on a truly wonderful opportunity to help prepare a new generation of much needed scientists/science educators/researchers in our society.

Your involvement as a STEM faculty/PI begins with an email of interest to our program director, Dr. Carolyn Gardner-Thomas, at cagardne@umass.edu.

STEM Ambassadors Program