Students of the Week

(Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)


May 3,  2018

Our final Ambassador of the Week for Spring semester 2018 is Jasmine Moss,

Jasmine is a second-year Microbiology student who is planning to graduate a year early. She chose microbiology because of her interest in immunology. Jasmine first became interested in this area of study after her sister sudden developed a severe allergic reaction that her doctors could not explain. “I began to do research on allergies, the immune system, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus and myasthenia gravis,” Jasmine explained. She is enjoying the depth of knowledge she is acquiring in microbiology and is eager to share her acquired knowledge.

Jasmine currently works in Dr. Wilmore Webley’s Lab. They investigate the relationship between microbial infections and increasingly adverse manifested asthmatic symptoms in pediatric patients. Her current project involves analyzing bronchoalveolar lavage fluid for prevalence of multiple RNA viruses such as RSV, hMPV, and HPIV.

Jasmine has been a member of STEM Ambassadors Program since her first semester at UMass. As a first-year student she joined the program because she wanted to build a support system, especially as an out-of-state first-generation student. Jasmine believes that “STEM AP not only offers support; it offers companionship with students [she] could relate to and the resources [she] needs to succeed.” Her favorite part of STEM AP was getting to know her peers who are doing different and exciting things in their college careers. They serve as an inspiration to her and supports her determination to overcome stereotypes, barriers, and rejection. “I am ambitious, confident, and tenacious because of their courage and support.”

This summer, Jasmine will do research on the parasite Giardia lamblia in El Paso, TX at University of Texas with the UT LSAMP program. After graduation, she hopes to become CNA certified, study for the MCAT and apply to an osteopathic medical school.

Other than her dedication to the academics, Jasmine is the Public Relations Officer for the Microbiology Club of Undergraduate Students and spends a lot of time with the Catholic Newman Center on campus. One of her favorite quotes is by Dr. Michael Engel from NIH; Endeavor to learn so that you can serve better. “I am inspired to not only enrich my knowledge but to use it to live selflessly for my neighbor.”

Jasmine is an inspiration to all of us, not only for her constant positive attitude, but dedication and passion to her academics despite many barriers. STEM AP is happy to have Jasmine as a part of our community!

Jasmine, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.


Congratulations Jasmine!

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