Students of the Week

(Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)


April 22, 2018

Our eighth Ambassador of the Week for Spring 2018 is Josiah Boirard!

Josiah is a third-year psychology student on the neuroscience track. After taking both AP biology and AP psychology in High School, Josiah found that he had developed a greater interest in the behavioral sciences as compared to the biological sciences. This allowed Josiah to easily choose psychology as a major when he started college. “My AP psychology teacher, Ms. Corcoran, brought a fun and passion for psychology which always transcended to the class!” Josiah is interested in pursuing a career in pediatrics and believes that his learning in psychology is helping him to gain an in-depth understanding of child development.

His psychology classes are also helping him to gain better perspectives on people’s intentions and behaviors, and how they learn, process emotions, and interact with other people. “Furthermore,” Josiah added, “pursing a degree in neuroscience helps me to fulfill my pre-med requirements while given me an opportunity to take advanced psychology courses.”

Josiah has been recently accepted in Professor Bonnie Strickland's 7-credit "Explorations in Psychological Practice" research seminar for next semester. This experience will not only fulfill his honors thesis requirement, but it will expose him to a human-services setting within a psychological practice. Josiah is “beyond excited since this experience will exposed [him] to research through a clinical setting.”

Josiah became a member of STEM AP to become better connected with students who are interested in similar academic pursuits. He also wanted to gain both research and mentoring experience to help enhance his STEM education. His favorite part of being in STEM AP is two-fold: Josiah appreciates the constant guidance and support he gets from Carolyn, Peg, Sonji, Ally, and the other people in the STEM AP office. He also enjoys being a part of STEM Middle School Mentoring Program. As Josiah noted, “[Mentoring the middle school students] has allowed me to better connect with children, reinforce my science skills, and share how much fun pursing a STEM career can be!”. Josiah recognizes that the skills he has gained from mentoring middle schoolers will be beneficial when he becomes a pediatrician, allowing him to better understand and help children. 

Over the course of this upcoming summer, Josiah plans to acquire his CNA certification along with studying for the MCAT. After graduation, he plans to take one or two gap years to gain additional clinical experience through shadowing and being a CNA. He will then attend medical school to pursue his career as a pediatrician.

Currently, Josiah plays both the acoustic and bass guitars for the Chi Alpha Campus Ministry worship team that meets every Wednesday evening. He is also a member of both Psi Chi (Psychology) Honor Society and the Pre-Med Society. Josiah works as a Resident Assistant at the Grayson/Field cluster in Orchard Hill. 

The staff and faculty of STEM AP wish Josiah the best in all of his future endeavors. Go Josiah!


Congratulations Josiah!

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