Students of the Week

(Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

Kimberly Beliard

October 1,  2018

Our second Ambassador of the Week for Fall 2018 is Kimberly Beliard.


Kim is a third year psychology major on the Neuroscience and pre-med track. “I took Psych 100 and immediately fell in love with the subject. The deeper I delve into the topics of psychology and mental health, the more I feel that it is something extremely important and should be taken more seriously”. She is in Dr. Rosie Cowell’s Memory and Perception (cMAP) Lab, working on an independent study with one of the lab’s Graduate students.


“While I was sitting in my AP euro class in high school, I got an email about joining STEM. I read about what STEM could do for me and decided to take the opportunities that are being offered to me. And ever since, my STEM experience has been more than I could hope for”. Kim’s favorite part of the program is the connections that she has made and continues to make, as well as the many resources at her disposal. “I can walk into the STEM AP office with an idea of something I want to do, and walk out with a plan in place and people that I can connect with and talk to. You can’t get that just anywhere”.  

Kim’s future goal is to become a physician with a focus on mental health and neural processes. “I do not only want to represent my community in the medical field, but I also want to be able to help those struggling with mental health issues. I want to get rid of the stigma [attached to mental health] and also make mental health a bigger deal than it is right now. Hopefully by becoming a doctor, I have the means to be able to provide that help”.

Kim’s ambition and motivation aren’t limited to her academics.  She embodies the leadership qualities needed for the future she seeks by co-creating a club on campus. “Me and my roommate thought of the idea of starting a menstruation club on campus -- club that would help those that could not afford menstrual hygiene products. Our club is called M.A.C. (Menstrual Advocacy Coalition). Our goals are to erase the stigma of [associated with] menstruation, make pads and tampons free on campus, and provide menstrual hygiene products and other necessities to homeless individuals. We also want to expand globally and our looking to work with organizations that do similar work abroad.” Kim is also on the HASA (Haitian American Student Organization) e-board as the PEACH (Progressive Efforts for the Advancement and Change Haiti) co-coordinator. PEACH is the community service part of HASA and oversees the community service efforts of campus and in Haiti. Last but not at all least, Kim works as an RA on campus, she is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, she has a Home Health Aid license, and she is a certified medical interpreter in Haitian Creole.


Kim has gone above and beyond to make an impact in her community. She is constantly pushing the limits and exceeding all expectations when it comes to paving the path to her future. We are very proud of you, Kimberly!


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