Students of the Week

(Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

Sebastian Vega

December 5, 2018

Our Ninth Ambassador of the Week for the Fall of 2018 is Sebastian Vega


Sebastian is a second year double major on the pre-medical track, working on a dual degree in Political Science and Biology. “Since the pre-med track will naturally have me occupied with various STEM-related courses, I chose Political Science as a way to indulge in a new pattern of critical thinking while still within my scope of interest”.


Ever since the Summer 2018 REU Program, Sebastian has been part of our very own Dr. Peg Riley’s research lab. The Riley Lab focuses on microbial evolution, such as antibiotic resistance and its translation into human health applications. He is now working on mitigating antibiotic resistance by utilizing antimicrobial organic bio-pesticides.


Sebastian has been an eager and involved ambassador since he joined STEM AP in his first semester of college. Currently, he is a undergraduate mentor for a small group of middle schoolers in our Science Mentoring Program. “My favorite part of STEM AP has to be the community we've built over the years of passionate and diverse intellectuals striving for similar goals”.  


Moving forward, Sebastian plans to pursue medical school after graduation. But for the time being, he is part of the AMSA pre-medical club, he plays soccer, and is a crossword puzzle enthusiast.


We wish him nothing but happiness and success in his path to medicine.



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