Students of the Week

(Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)


September 22, 2017

Our first featured Ambassador of the week for Fall 2017 is Shelby Phillips. 

Shelby is a second-year Biology major with a high interest in genetics and its relationship with certain disorders, disabilities, and cancer. She aspires to become a Genetic Counselor, a healthcare professional with specialized training in medical genetics and counseling. As part of her STEM AP Summer experience, Shelby was placed in the Mager Lab, an Epigenetic Lab where she is working on the Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP). While there, she is "learning how to genotype using PCRs and prepare slides for immunofluorescent microscopy in order to see the function of proteins”. In her time in the Mager Lab, Shelby has demonstrated great attention to detail and thoughtfulness in her work.

In recognition of how big of an asset she is, Shelby's PI is allowing her to work on her own gene line. “I am really excited because now I get to see it as the graduate students do,” Shelby says of this opportunity. Part of genetic counseling requires knowledge in mentoring others, something Shelby has quite some experience in. Not only was she a Counselor in Training for three years prior to UMass, but being part of STEM AP is allowing her to mentor high school and middle school students as well as her peers in college. It is safe to say that just being part of STEM AP is providing Shelby the experience and opportunities she needs to help her reach her future goals. Now if that does not make you proud, I don’t know what will! We are all in this together; let’s celebrate each other’s WINS. 


Congratulations Shelby! 

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