Students of the Week

(Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)


October 13, 2017

Our fourth featured Ambassador of the week is Thomas Drews. 

Tommy is a fourth-year Chemistry student. His love for chemistry was first sparked in high school, when he took AP chem and had a fantastic teacher “who showed [him] how diverse and fun chemistry can be. [He knows] it’s hard to believe”. His love for this subject has been further reinforced by the great professors here at UMass as well as his peers in the chemistry department. He says understanding the difficult topics, has allowed him to appreciate chemistry. 

“Personally, I also enjoy chemistry because it's similar to a puzzle, and I like the logical thinking needed to decipher and the satisfaction from solving a problem”

Thomas works in the Vachet Lab studying protein misfolding. More specifically, he is looking at inhibitors of a specific protein misfolding disease called dialysis related amyloidosis and how the protein interacts with these inhibitors.

These seniors are our first STEM AP students, so Tommy experienced the absolute beginning of our program. He joined STEM AP because he was interested in mentoring children at the middle school in Holyoke. He knew he would enjoy working with them due to his time in high school teaching children how to swim. This also served as a new community for him to be a part of as a freshman in college.

“Being able to teach the kids new topics and seeing them understand and become excited about science always brightens my day” 

While Thomas enjoys all aspects of STEM AP, his favorite part to this day is still mentoring. He is also very active; he loves hiking, swimming, biking and many other outdoor activities.

Thomas’ goal is to attend medical school and become a doctor. To achieve this goal, Thomas will soon have to take the MCAT, so much of his energy is now focused on preparation for the exam.

Good Luck in all your future endeavors, Tommy! We wish you nothing but luck even though you clearly don’t need it.


Congratulations Tommy!

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