Students of the Week

(Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)


December 1, 2017

Our tenth featured Ambassador of the week is Tova Rubenoff. 

Tova is a third-year student majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics, while mostly focusing on eating disorder treatment within the Nutrition science. She hopes to be able to help people, particularly adolescents, who are struggling with different eating disorders. Until then, she will not limit herself to one field but will continue exploring her different interests. Thus, she will be joining a lab researching the effect of sulforaphane and vitamin D in combination as a treatment for breast cancer. 

She applied to the STEM program in her first year because she wanted to be a part of a community of students who had similar interests as hers. “I was also interested in the various opportunities and resources that STEM AP provides that have proved to be extremely useful in my academic career”. Tova is one of our juniors that are mentoring the middle schoolers this semester, and it is her favorite part of the program. “It's so rewarding to be able to show them that science is interesting and fun. The students are open to learning new things and are super curious, which makes it really fun to talk to them about science”. 

After UMass, Tova hopes to complete a dietetic internship and then take the RD (registered dietitian) exam. Becoming a certified RD will allow her to work as a clinical dietitian in an adolescent eating disorders clinic. A dietitian does not only determine what nutrients patients are deficient in and what they should eat, but also has a wide knowledge about the physiological causes and effects of malnutrition that are unique to dietitian training. 

Other than being a mentor in the program, Tova is also on the STEM AP E-Board. Additionally, she is a Nutrition Department Peer Advisor and she is part of the UMass Nutrition Association (UMNA). She continues to develop her leadership and mentoring roles by being a Nutrition TA, and enriching her skills by being a Nutrition Intern at WIC.

It is wonderful to see one of our students passionate about such an important topic with global application and need. Keep that passion going, Tova, and you will achieve all your goals. We wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.


Congratulations Tova!

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