Students of the Week

(Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

Tushar Bahl

October 22,  2018

Our fifth Ambassador of the Week for the Fall of 2018 is Tushar Bahl


Tushar is a fifth year chemistry major. “Chemistry is a very technical major, and it has taught me to analyze and evaluate not just my homework problems, but problems that may arise in life as well. I have always enjoyed hobbies such as baking and skincare science, and choosing chemistry has allowed me to explore how these processes work on a fundamental level.”


Tushar has been part of the Ma lab as well as the Schiffman Lab throughout his four years. The former lab studies “genetic mechanisms that sustain structural and functional flexibility while maintaining the integrity of the organism using the model fungal system Fusarium oxysporum” (Li Jun Ma), while the latter “synthesizes bioinspired materials for a range of biomedical, environmental, and industrial applications” (Schiffman). All in all, his research interests include: water technology, cannabis chemistry, and environmental toxicology.

Tushar joined the STEM Ambassadors Program (STEM AP) during the program’s first year in 2014. He entered without fully understanding what the program entailed and how it could be of benefit to him. He was a member of STEM AP’s first cohort of undergraduates. “STEM [AP] started out very differently than what it has become today, and I am grateful that I have seen this program evolve each year into a more refined, inclusive, and focused organization.”

Tushar’s favorite part of the program will always be the people -- all the students and faculty that make up this rich and diverse community of scientists. 


Refreshingly enough, he is very mindful of his future plans being: “the only future goal I have in mind is going to bed on time tonight”. It is an indication of Tushar’s lighter more humorous side.


Besides academics, Tushar is an avid film watcher. He also enjoys skiing, swimming, and playing the piano. Additionally, Tushar is a Phi Sigma Pi Initiate Advisor, as well as a CNS liaison for oSTEM -- a program dedicated to building a community and supporting LGBTQ science, technology, engineering and mathematics students and faculty of the Five Colleges area.

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